"Phulhar Footwear Ltd. is a leading Espadrilles manufacturer in Bangladesh"

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PHULHAR FOOTWEAR LIMITED  is  one  of  the  leading  espadrille manufacturers  in Bangladesh.  We established  our  company  in 1998. Our  company  headquarter  is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The shoe plant  lays  50  miles  outskirts  of  Dhaka.  We have  state of the art technology, specializing in the manufacturer  of  the  Basic espadrille, jute  braid  and  jute  sole. In addition,  due to  the  popular  demand, we have expanded our line of production to Fashion espadrilles both with Textile and leather. Recently we have added jute webbing and bags to our production line for huge customer demand.  

Since  its  inception  in  1998  PHULHAR  FOOTWEAR  LIMITED  has  always  striven  to d evelop  new  and revolutionary  shoe  products, which  has  played  a massive  role especially in France, Spain, Belgium, UK, Denmark,  Sweden,  and  in  the USA.

Dedication,  authenticity  and  relentless  work  effort on  a  continuous  basis, has  made our company to stand  out  in  the  European  market.  Our  production are made with authentic and quality raw materials that  are skillfully  manufactured  by  our  master artisans, which distinguishes us is our on going effort to provide  the  absolute  best  quality espadrilles  with  on  time  delivery.   Our Company motto is to provide the  absolute  best quality  shoe  at  very  reasonable  and  competitive  price.  We  believe  in  customer satisfaction.  This  means  we  exist  to  the  needs  of  our  customers and make every possible effort to ensure their satisfaction. Our employers are skilled artisans who take pride in their elegant craftsmanship and their persistent  endeavor  to make products of utmost quality and continual effort of our conscientious workers allow us to offer the very best product and to guarantee customers satisfaction.  Company Profile....

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